Hydrim C61W G4
SciCan Hydrim C61W G4 dentistry instrument washer

Hydrim C61 (countertop washer) features G4 technology for data storage, remote access and auto new software installation. The C61 rinses, cleans and dries instruments in cassettes or loose in a basket for hands-free processing.

• Large chamber volume (6 cassettes) - Hydrim C with rack option can do 6 full-sized H/F cassettes or 12 H/F hygiene cassettes
• Countertop or under the counter - C61 is all stainless steel, so it looks good installed in the counters or on the countertop
• G4 web portal includes data, service logs - C61 has plug-in data storage, service logs and remote access capabilities
• Validated cycles - C61 ensures repeatable washing cycle performance
• HIP solution is stored in the machine - no remote solution storage, plus Hydrim Instrument Protection (HIP) coats instruments to protect
• Improved serviceability - no tools required for techs to test component parts; remote access
• Vivid color touchscreen - easy to read touchpad for easy operation
• Stainless steel exterior - fits anywhere in a dental/medical sterilization center
• USB port - backup data storage
• Active hot air drying - C61 unit rinses, cleans and does a final rinse and air dries the contents, ready for sterilization

23.5" x 20.5" x 20.7"; 97 lb

SciCan Hydrim C61W G4: Download