Heliodent Plus
Heliodent Plus

Heliodent Plus x-ray images let you distinguish all the details with high contrast, and enable diagnosis with a wide variety of indications.

Caries diagnosis - Generalized vertical and horizontal bone defects; calculus on tooth 24 distal; protruding fillings on teeth 25 and 27, extensive proximal caries on tooth 36 mesial.

Endodontics - Measurements: distal 40/21 mm, mesio-lingual 35/21 mm, mesio-buccal 30/21 mm.

Implantology - Status post operationem, correct implant position.

Elaborate Installation - Heliodent Plus fits into every practice, may it be mounted on a wall or ceiling or as a mobile unit. 

Versatile, Indications - Heliodent Plus x-ray images display exceptionally precise details with a very high contrast. You will be able to identify particularly fine structures easily and use the unit for diagnostics with a wide variety of indications. 

  • Focal spot - 0.4 (IEC 336), x-ray tube voltage is adjustable between 60 kV and 70 kV
  • Generator type - High-frequency generator for constant high voltage,
  • x-ray tube current - 7 mA
  • Line voltage - 120 V – 240 V 10% without switching, 50 – 60 Hz
  • Exposure time - Incrementally adjustable from 0.01 to 3.2 s
  • Detector media - Freely selectable
  • Exposure chart - Individually adjustable, Switchable between 2 detector media (e.g., film and sensor)
  • Display - Automatic sleep mode activated after user-definable time period
  • Focus - Standard focus-to-skin distance 20 cm, Optional focus-to-skin distance 30 cm