Dentist's Stool
Dentist's Stool

The Midmark Operator Stools are not only engineered to deliver premium styling and exceptional comfort, they are also ergonomically refined to address musculoskeletal pain common in dentistry. Standard features include: contoured seat with waterfall front edges, up to 12 degrees of forward tilt, one lever adjustment for locking seat and backrest tilt, ratcheted backrest for height adjustment, 17.5" x 16.5" seat pan (smaller size available) and 16.5" to 22" cylinder travel (other cylinder sizes available). Adjustable armrests are optional.

  • Contoured seat with raised front
  • Waterfall front edges
  • Up to 12 degrees of forward tilt
  • One lever adjustment for locking seat and backrest tilt
  • Ratcheted backrest for height adjustment without knobs
  • Cylinder height: Standard - 16.5" to 22"; Short - 15.25" to 18.3"; Tall - 20.9" to 28.7"
  • Seat size: Standard - 17.5" x 16.5"; Small - 16.25" x 16"
  • Vinyl upholstery standard

The contoured seat with waterfall front edges helps to improve the weight distribution and overall comfort, promoting a balanced posture while reducing pressure on the back of the thighs. Tilting the seat forward allows the hip angle to be opened over 90 degrees, helping to maintain the natural lower back curve and reduce disc pressure. The contoured backrest comfortably supports the lower back, while the adjustable armrests help to support the elbows, all in an effort to reduce fatigue in the lower back, neck and shoulders. Multiple seat and cylinder sizes allow for a more personalized seating solution.

  • Ultraleather - Abalone, Admiral, Apricot, Arctic, Bamboo, Bayou, Cashmere, Charcoal, Cyan, Eucalyptus, Fudge, Grenadine, Hide, Hot Sauce, Lake, Lemon, Mandarin, Mica, Midnight, Milkweed, Nile, Papyrus, Parrot, Pewter, Plum, Raven Wing, Riviera, Silk, Silver Pearl, Sorbet
  • Royal Hampton upholstery - Parchment, Greige, Iris, Forest Green, Saddle, New Burgundy, Columbine, Spanish Tile, Sage, Taupe, Black
  • Silhouette - Slate Grey, Iris Blue, Royal Carriage, Sage, Purple Grey, Taupe, Dusty Jade, Wedgewood, Cobalt, Desert Rose, Black

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