551 Assistant's Instrumentation
Adec 551 Dental Assistant's Instrumentation

• Long arm with vertical and horizontal adjustments or short arm with only horizontal adjustments
• Standard multi-function touchpad
• Touchpad designed to be used as a handle for easy positioning of the assistant's arm
• Maximized vacuum flow
• High volume evacuator (HVE), QD syringe and saliva ejector (SE)
• Optional fourth position for second HVE or curing light
• 3 common connection ports for SE and HVE
• Solids collector mounted on support link
• Choice of 3-position, 4-position or dual 2-position holder assemblies
• Mounts to A-dec 511 or A-dec 411 dental chair

• With so many positioning options, assistants can adjust their instruments for maximum comfort and increased efficiency
• Holders independently adjust with 4 vertical pivot points

• 39 lb (18 kg)
• White with gray accents
• Integrated standard touchpad