Rear Mount Side Delivery
Rear Mount Side Delivery

The 7000, fitted with Forest's top-rated 7000 control head, delivers the handpieces next to the patient's ear, making them easy to reach no matter where you're seated around the patient's head. To enhance your efficiency, the 7000 is equipped with our exclusive handpiece lock-outs so a bur can be changed while another handpiece is in use, opening the door to true four-handed dentistry. It includes a self-contained clean water system with 1-1/2 liter quick disconnect bottle, assistant's quad holder assembly and air pressure regulator with filter and master shut-off valve. With more room under the pneumatically raised work surface than any similar product in the industry, there is ample room to place ancillary drivers. The work surface is "expandable," offering the option to add up to 4 tub/cassette trays, a monitor mount and organizer bins, enabling you to maximize your material and instrument management. A lifetime warranty is standard on the all-metal control head chassis and every part under the hood. Unlike offerings from most manufacturers, the Forest chassis is constructed from aluminum with exceptionally high-quality welds. Beneath the lid you'll find metal air and water Ts, versus the plastic offered by competitors, and a thick, warp-free master control block. The 7000 Series uses billet aluminum plugs and caps; we call this commitment to quality "affordable excellence," every detail done well. The premium quality and serviceability of the 7000, paired with a reasonable price tag, make this model a smart investment for years to come. Available in an assortment of mounting configurations: BC = Beneath Counter; FM = Floor Mount; MC = Mobile Cart; UC = Under Cabinet (floor mount); WM = Wall Mount. Color customization: Designer Friendly

  • Available in 9 lustrous two-coat powder coat paint colors, 13 solid surface selections and chrome option.

Color customization: Designer Friendly

  • Available in 9 lustrous two-coat powder coat paint colors, 13 solid surface selections and chrome option. Efficient: Handpieces, vacuum devices and consumables are more accessible regardless of where you're positioned around the chair. Dentists new to the rear mount, side delivery concept appreciate the efficiency of not having to reposition a chair-mounted control for patient entry and exit or as they move around the mouth. To meet individual styles of instrument and material management, the Forest 7000 can be ordered with up to 4 cassette/tub holders, 3 storage organizer bins and a monitor mount. Unique to the 7000 are handpiece lock-outs, making it the only control on the market that allows a bur change while another handpiece is in use - the key feature enabling true four-handed dentistry. Cost effective: Because the 7000 has one mount and one set of plumbing, it costs less to install than a chair-mounted handpiece delivery with assistant's work surface, which requires 2 mounts and plumbing locations. Patient experience: By eliminating the cluttered "Christmas tree" effect of over-the-patient controls, the 7000 looks less overwhelming, which in turn creates a more patient friendly environment.

  • Powder coat paint finishes: Arctic Silver, Bronze, Charcoal, Forest Grey, Pearl, Pewter, Sage, Shadow, White
  • Solid surface finishes: Gibraltar - Arctic Melange, Frosty White Mirage, Northern Melange, Baja Melange, Light Beige Mirage, Midnight Melange; Corian - Antarctica, Fossil, Savanah, Blue Pebble, Doeskin; Wilsonart - Shadow; Meganite - Goldrush Gemstone, Moonstone
  • Chrome option
  • Weight: 130 lb