Elevance Dental Chair
Elevance Dental Chair

Midmark Elevance Chair stand-alone version comes standard with:

  • Cantilever Forward design to accentuate styling and deliver an unsurpassed range of motion
  • Advanced hydraulic system supports patients weighing up to 450 lb with soft start/stop
  • Integrated armrests for full support and ease of entry/exit
  • Thin, narrow cast-aluminum back rest for greater support, patient confidence and optimal access
  • Double articulating headrest
  • Electronic chair rotation release pedals
  • Chair swivels 76
  • Programmable foot switch chair control
  • SerenEscape heat and massage system to relax anxious patients is an option
  • 4 position programmable foot switch chair control is standard with the chair only version 153810-001
  • Up to 2 optional wireless programmable chair controls can be added

  • Midmark Elevance Chair's Cantilever Forward design delivers an unsurpassed range of motion that will accommodate a wide range of clinician heights as well as allow the clinician to sit or stand during procedures. The Cantilever Forward design also means there is less transverse movement of the patient as the chair is raised and lowered, so the clinician does not have to reposition as often; this also means the overall footprint of the chair is smaller through the normal working heights.
  • Advanced hydraulic system supports patients weighing up to 450 lb
  • Soft start/stop hydraulics increase patient comfort by eliminating sudden movements
  • Integrated armrests fully support the arms and do not just serve as handles; armrests also ease entry/exit
  • A thin, narrow cast-aluminum back rest gives the patient support and greater confidence, and clinicians gain optimal access
  • Electronic chair rotation release pedals are easy to find and do not create any hazards for doctor's shins or knees
  • SerenEscape optional heat and massage system to relax anxious patients and add comfort
  • All covers and finishes are a high gloss to increase the aesthetic value for clinicians and patients
  • Optional wireless programmable chair controls allow for maximum flexibility in locating controls for the doctor

  • Seamless Royal Hampton upholstery - Parchment, Greige, Iris, Forest Green, Saddle, New Burgundy, Columbine, Spanish Tile, Sage, Taupe, Black
  • Ultraleather and Limited Seams Ultraleather - Abalone, Admiral, Apricot, Arctic, Bamboo, Bayou, Cashmere, Charcoal, Cyan, Eucalyptus, Fudge, Grenadine, Hide, Hot Sauce, Lake, Lemon, Mandarin, Mica, Midnight, Milkweed, Nile, Papyrus, Parrot, Pewter, Plum, Raven Wing, Riviera, Silk, Silver Pearl, Sorbet; two-tone Ultraleather available
  • Dimensions/Weight: Chair - 45
  • H x 33
  • W x 49
  • L (475 lb); Upholstery -14
  • H x 26
  • W x 52
  • L (30 lb); Headrest - 6
  • H x 13
  • W x 27
  • L (10 lb)
  • Low seat height of 15" and extending to a seat height of 34"

Elevance Chair Brochure.pdf Midmark Upholstery Color Chart.pdf