OR2-S Orthodontic Chair
OR2-S Orthodontic Chair

  • Available in Standard Boltaflex
  • Cleans easily with mild soap and water
  • Sulfide stain resistant
  • UV stabilized pigments
  • Extraordinary abrasion resistance
  • Meets GSA upholstery requirements for tear strength, stitch tear resistance and tensile strength
  • Cold crack -20 degrees F
  • Contains an agent to protect it against fungal microorganisms
  • Formulated to meet the small scale flammability test requirements for upholstered materials contained in the following specifications: Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 302, California Technical Bulletin 117, Section E, BIFMA, screen test, UFAC Class 1 Rating

This specialty chair offers the Signet upper on an OR2 base and pedestal. It is recommended that the chair be anchored to the floor. The OR2-S offers the long life and durability that Royal is famous for in a fully featured value line specialty chair. Swing-out arm rests that are removable, easy-care upholstery and optional headrests are available. A magnetic extendable headrest is standard. Synchronized seat tilt with switches on the all-metal back panel, on both sides, for recline and auto-return.

Easy-care upholstery in vinyl colors Black 363557, Navy 363488, Azure 415522, Wood Violet 439176, Lite Gray 363780, Gray 363496, New Burgundy 363546, Pumice 363741, Fudge 439156, Leap Frog 491502, Jade 363552, Almond 363498 all standard. Royal also offers 9 vivid hues of vibrant color choices: American Beauty 520202, Marigold 523426, Nasturtium 517921, Emerald 518772, Leap Frog 518780, Blue Nile 518762, Marina 518784, Neptune 517424, Purple Iris 517919. Other vinyl colors are available; call Royal for pricing and choices.

Royal Operatory Equipment brochure DOC#20130717 http://www.royaldentalgroup.com/pdfs/RoyalPromasignet.pdf