Mechanical Room

Amalgam separators, vacuums, compressors, and nitrous oxide flowmeters

The mechanical room is where important, but tucked-away, equipment like the vacuum and compressor are located. These vital pieces of equipment are often referred to as the “heart and lungs” of the dental office.

Investing in high-quality equipment for the mechanical room is extremely important when you consider the hassle and expense of a potential equipment failure during a busy day full of patient appointments. It’s important to choose a vacuum and compressor that fit your practice today, and can accommodate for future practice and staff growth. Patterson Advantage® members also get a guaranteed emergency response time of four hours – it's reassurance that when your equipment goes down, it won't be down for long.

A broad mechanical portfolio

We offer mechanical room products from a diverse group of manufacturer partners to ensure you get the right equipment to meet your needs.

Amalgam Separators

Designed to enhance safety for your staff and patients, amalgam separators ensure your practice also remains in compliance with regulations for the handle and disposal of amalgam waste.

Learn more about how to select an amalgam separator ›

dental office vacuum

Install the right dental vacuum system to ensure your practice has as much up-time as possible.

Air Techniques AirStar 50 vacuum

Select an air compressor that delivers proven performance and efficient compressed air for your practice.

Accutron Digital Ultra Nitrous and Flowmeter Package

Ensure your patient and practice safety with high-functioning, accurate tools.

Highlighted solution

PowerVac G Dry-Vac

The next generation in dental vacuum technology from Midmark, the PowerVac G uses an intuitive energy management system that creates a new standard for all dental vacuums.

Midmark Powervac G Dry Vac

Discover our range of services

When you purchase mechanical room equipment from Patterson, you also get assistance from an entire team that’s focused on helping you succeed. See below for just a few of the many services you get when you purchase from Patterson.

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Our support center resolves most issues within the initial call, and also provides email and chat support.

0-interest dental equipment financing at Patterson

Purchase, install and implement up to $10,000 in small equipment with 90 days to pay.

Dental equipment repair and support at Patterson

Every purchase is backed by Patterson’s team of certified local service technicians.

Mechanical room accessories