Extraoral Digital Imaging

Save time, increase productivity and raise patient acceptance

Extraoral equipment and technology at Patterson Dental

With extraoral imaging, you get the entire picture, all at once. No waiting, and no repositioning sensors inside a patient’s mouth. Whether you use a 2D or 3D imaging solution, everything from diagnosis and patient education to treatment is faster and easier than ever before. At Patterson, we’re committed to helping you understand which option is the best fit for your practice. 

Extraoral Radiograph Types

Extraoral Panoramic Digital Imaging


A panoramic image shows a curved layer of the jaws including TMJs, and is used to indicate overall condition of dentition and adjacent structures.


Cephalometric imaging offers projection images (Lateral, PA/AP) of the skull and soft tissue, and are used by orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons for treatment planning and follow-up.

Our Extraoral Solutions

Extraoral 3D xray units

It’s this simple: 3D X-ray gives you the best possible chance at complete diagnosis on every patient, every day. With immediate access to crystal-clear images, the entire process of diagnosis, treatment and patient education becomes faster and more effective than ever before. In fact, studies show doctors uncover up to 30 percent more diagnoses using 3D dentistry. That means healthier patients and a healthier practice.

2D xray units

Experience easier daily diagnostics with our range of 2D X-ray solutions. Get the clear, precise images you need within a familiar system – plus, less radiation exposure than traditional methods. And, thanks to digital storage, you can enhance and enlarge images for more accurate diagnoses.