The Planmeca Viso imaging systems provide exceptional image quality and cutting-edge features for the practitioner who needs to be at the forefront of technology. Experience large sensors with four integrated cameras, occipital head support and touch pad accuracy.
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Both Viso units are equipped to handle optional imaging modalities such as Planmeca ProFace® and Planmeca 4D™ Jaw Motion technology for cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment planning tools.

Planmeca Viso™ G5
The Viso G5 has a large 16x16 sensor with four integrated cameras. Capture the entire maxillofacial area with its ø20x17 cm volume. It offers unlimited volume sizes starting with a ø3x3 cm. Use the touch pad for fingertip selection of the region of interest. Use live patient positioning to place the volume exactly where you wish.

Planmeca Viso™ G7
Planmeca Viso G7 is designed to surpass the demands of industry leaders, specialists, and large institutions. The large ø25x30 cm sensor with four built-in cameras can capture unlimited volume sizes: from a ø3x3 cm to a ø30x30 cm volume, capturing the skullcap through C7 on the cervical spine. Offers a single volume scan of ø30x19 cm.
Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™
  • Achieves an average reduction in dose of 77% while maintaining image quality
  • Use 3D imaging in routine protocols while often achieving lower effective patient radiation than with 2D intraoral imaging
  • Diagnose more dentistry, and often earlier in disease progression, than with 2D imaging alone, increasing patient care
Planmeca 3D units also include patient motion detection and correction technology, Planmeca CALM™. This technology corrects movement during CBCT acquisition, reducing the risk of retakes.

Patented SCARA technology
  • Capture True Extraoral Bitewings that consistently open the proximal contacts
  • Detect caries as accurately as with a 2D bitewing series, but with half the radiation dose
  • Get a more comprehensive view of patient anatomy by viewing the apices of teeth on both jaws
Enjoy incredibly clear panoramic images, even on the interiors, with Autofocus technology.
Planmeca Viso G5
Volume sizes: ø3x3 – ø20x17 cm

Planmeca Viso G7
Volume sizes: ø3x3 – ø30x30 cm