Digital Scanning

Dentist preparing to scan a patient with the 3Shape TRIOS

The gateway to digital dentistry

When it comes to setting the tone for patient-first restorative dentistry, digital scanning is your best way forward. Not only is it a faster, easier process with more accurate results, it’s also an investment in patient experience – drastically reducing intraoral discomfort and helping the patient better understand their treatment plan.

The all-digital workflow of CAD/CAM dentistry starts by generating a digital impression of a patient’s mouth. From there, you can use in-house or off-site dental labs to complete a variety of procedures. Full-featured digital scanners from Patterson allow you to quickly take a digital impression – wherever you go next, you’ll hold the keys.

Featured solutions

CEREC Primescan AC

In with the new. The CEREC Primescan AC features a dynamic-depth scanner that consolidates more than 50,000 images per second, enabling you to create unprecendented image quality, faster than ever. Speed and precision are just the beginning – take time to explore the full picture.

Planmeca Emerald

The Emerald quickly delivers accuracy and detail with an ergonomic design and two-button, single-hand operation to ensure clinical control and patient comfort. The Emerald’s multi-color, laser-based system provides vibrant, realistic digital impressions for optimal treatment plans.

Planmeca Emerald Digital Scanner

Side view of the 3Shape TRIOS 3 Basic

3Shape TRIOS 3 Basic

Make your first move into digital dentistry with the easy-to-use TRIOS Basic from 3Shape. Bring award-winning technology into your office – intelligent AI technology removes unnecessary soft tissue as you scan. Plus, you’ll eliminate messy manual impressions with the speed and precision that comes from scanning technology.

Midmark True Definition

Midmark True Definition

Whether you want to add digital impressioning to your existing workflow or expand your digital footprint, the Midmark True Definition Scanner provides unparalleled accuracy, ease of use and affordability. It’s proven to be more accurate – and consistently accurate – than other leading intraoral scanners.

Read how more precise impressions make better business sense

With digital scanning, the benefits are nearly endless: improved workflow, better patient experience, and effortless ROI. All of these are built on a foundation of incredible accuracy –flawless scans that eliminate the need for retakes. Here, Portland-based clinician Dr. Kelly Blodgett talks about his experience with scanning.

Pinpoint Precision: Improving Impressions with Digital Scanning

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