BioSonic® UC125 Ultrasonic Cleaner - Coltene

The BioSonic® Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit 125 delivers a variety of customized options for the dental practice. The time of the cleaning cycle can be selected individually. Additionally, a countdown timer is available to inform the user of the amount of cleaning time remaining, and indicate exactly when the instruments will be ready for sterilization. This new cleaning unit is also equipped with a solution tracking function to inform the user how long the solution has been in use, so that mandatory changing of the cleaning solution will not be forgotten. With a simple touch of a button, degassing of the solution, i.e., air entrapments, which hinder the cleaning process, will disappear. Offers C-Power, an exclusive feature that will automatically adjust the power in the tank based on the load requirements. This function provides the improved stability against varying solutions, solution level and instrument loads.

  • Countdown timer
  • Customer operation
  • Solution tracking
  • Memory feature
  • De-gas button
  • Multiple languages
  • Faster draining
  • Quieter operation
  • Tank capacity 1.25 gallon/2.84 liters
  • Use capacity 1.00 gallon/3.8 liters
  • Overall dimensions: W 10.5" x H 13.75" x L 16.5"
  • Tank dimensions: W 5.62" x H 5" x L 11.25"

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