Cavitron Touch™
Cavitron Touch™

The Future is Just a Touch Away

The Cavitron Touch™ Ultrasonic Scaling System is designed to be user friendly, while providing options for an improved scaling experience.

Digital touch screen technology provides an easy to use interface.

Smaller footprint to maximize available counter space.

The wireless Tap-On™ Technology foot pedal is designed to reduce leg and ankle discomfort associated with continued foot pedal usage.

Feel the Difference of Effortless Rotation - The Steri-Mate® 360° Handpiece offers features that provide a new scaling experience.

Fully rotating handpiece allows for flowing movement of an ultrasonic insert within the oral cavity.

The detachable and autoclavable handpiece provides the highest assurance of control against cross-contamination.

The Featherweight Handpiece cable is designed to provide ergonomic benefits by reducing cable drag.

Package System Includes:

  • Cavitron Touch™ Ultrasonic Scaler
  • Steri-Mate® 360° Sterilizable, Detachable Handpieces
  • Tap-On™ Technology Wireless Rechargeable Foot Pedal
  • Ultrasonic Inserts (Package contains 1 FITGRIP® Focused Spray® slimLINE®-10S Insert and an Insert Redemption Form for 3 additional Ultrasonic Inserts)
  • 3 Year Cavitron Care Maintenance Plan
  • 3 Year Warranty