Bravo 21V
SciCan BRAVO 17V 21V Vacuum Sterilizer for Dentists

Bravo 21V is available in 110V, data logger 120V - no printer option. It features a fast cycle to dry while using fresh steam distilled water for each cycle. It also allows the use of 14" OS cassettes to fit into the Bravo 21V.

• Speed - ultra-fast 35 minute cycle from start to dry for a solid wrapped cycle
• Dryness - Dri-TecV technology allows Bravo to complete its dry cycle while others are still sterilizing
• Fresh water cycles - with no add-ons needed, Bravo only uses fresh, clean distilled water for each cycle
• Versatility - Bravo can run wrapped and unwrapped cycles in the popular B cycle in addition to N and S cycles
• Filling and draining - Bravo pulls S/D water as needed from an outside source and hooks up directly to a drain line to greatly reduce staff time in managing the machine
• Ease of use - Bravo can be started by two simple buttons
• Large chamber size - allows 14" oral surgery cassettes to be placed inside

Bravo 21V size:
25" L x 19" W x 16.5" H; 139 lb

SciCan Bravo Brochure: Download

SciCan Website: Link