RS1 Chair
RS1 Chair


  • Adjustable/Pivoting IV armrest
  • Body and arm straps
  • Swing-up/down armrests
  • Arm support slings
  • Oral surgery magnetic headrest
  • Extendable headrest
  • Solid-state electronics
  • 6-way foot control
  • Automatic return
  • Automatic position
  • Adjustable accessory rails on both sides of back
  • Accessory rails on both sides of seat
  • Replaceable upholstery
  • Easy-care upholstery

  • Modified Trendelenburg position
  • Adjustable IV armrest
  • Oral surgery magnetic extendable headrest with armrests
  • Foot switch for base and backrest operation
  • Backrest accessory rails
  • Seat accessory rails

RS1 Chair- Royal Dental Group.pdf