Aprio and Patterson Dental Alliance

Achieve success with a strong team by your side

Supporting you with practice transitions, CPA and financial advisory services

Patterson Dental and Aprio, LLP, have formed an alliance to support you through every stage of your practice and career. Whether you’re looking to buy into or sell a practice, launch a startup, grow your business, or plan for retirement, Aprio provides a team of experienced dental industry business and financial advisors that stand by your side. Aprio is uniquely positioned to be a single-source growth partner for dental practices of all sizes.

As a nationally recognized top 30 business advisory and CPA firm, Aprio’s dedicated dental segment has helped dental professionals thrive since 1961. Aprio’s goal in every customer setting is to provide the guidance that owners and associates need to support a better outcome for their career and wealth creation. Aprio’s comprehensive services include transitions consulting, practice growth coaching, startup consulting, merchant services, tax and accounting, and wealth management. Patterson Practice Transitions powered by Aprio specifically helps dentists through all steps of buying, selling or merging a practice along with associate placement.

Practice Transitions

Maximize dental startups, thrive during transitions and experience practitioner prosperity

Associate placement

Finding talent takes time and resources that may already be stretched thin. Whether you want to hire an apprentice, a recent dental school graduate or an experienced practitioner to buy in, Patterson Practice Transitions powered by Aprio can help. Professionals with vast experience and deep knowledge support you in finding the best potential associate dentist candidates.

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Practice transition services

The complexities of buying into, purchasing or selling a dental practice are made much easier with expert guidance. That’s where Patterson Practice Transitions powered by Aprio comes in. We provide dental-specific advice, planning and the deliverables you need to make foundational decisions that support smoother transitions. Our comprehensive services range from practice valuations to help finding buyers, sellers and dental-specific financing nationwide.

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Advisory Services

Practice startup consulting

When you have a vision for the future
When you’re considering a startup, it’s common to have questions like where do I begin? Can I afford this? When is the right time to pursue this? Aprio can help you make better decisions that support your career and financial objectives. Aprio dental advisors with proven dental startup experience provide step-by-step guidance to help you maximize cash flow, minimize taxes, realize wealth and build a dream practice.

What you can expect:
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Credentialed professionals with deep expertise in the dental industry
  • A business plan that can take you from a startup to a thriving practice
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Practice growth consulting

Gain a fresh perspective on growing your practice
Practice owners face complex challenges. Whether you are having trouble maximizing your schedule with current staff, managing profitability amidst decreasing insurance payments and increasing adjustments, or looking for ways to lower your overhead, you don’t have to go at it alone. Aprio can provide an independent review of your practice, analyze PPOs and help you create custom solutions that ease pain points to help increase efficiencies and profitability.

What you can expect to receive:
  • Guidance and resources with custom solutions
  • Help identifying financial goals and achieving results
  • Operational and profitability consulting
  • On-site and virtual practice analytics
  • High-performance team coaching
  • The ability to increase revenue while you work less to enjoy life more
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Aprio dental clients achieve a 40% net operating margin on average
Merchant Services

Merchant services

Don’t let rising credit card processing fees take a bite out of your profit margin
If you have not reviewed your credit card processing rates recently or your credit card processing isn’t fully integrated with your practice management software, you may be missing opportunities to save money and gain efficiencies. Aprio’s team provides a complimentary review and consultation of your current rates and processes, taking a consultative approach and providing customized solutions tailored to your needs.
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Tax and Accounting


Set a strong foundation
Whatever your career and practice goals are, having a strong knowledge of your practice financials will help you make better business decisions to reach them. The Aprio Dental CPA team is a relationship-driven group that designs custom tax and accounting solutions to meet the needs of any size practice. Aprio implements smart tax planning and offers timely access to accurate financial data to support you in being better informed, building wealth and achieving higher levels of profitability.

You can expect:
  • Dental-specific advisors who understand the nuances of a dental practice, including tax law changes
  • Proactive tax consulting that means no more tax surprises
  • Easily accessible financial data and advice
  • An increased ability to make more informed practice investment decisions
  • Minimized tax liabilities and an increased ability to leverage tax planning and stimulus to maximize profitability
  • Dental industry insights
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Wealth Management

Aprio Wealth Management, LLC

Supporting practice owners with financial freedom and retirement readiness
It’s all too common for dental practice owners to face financial barriers to retirement, obstacles to making large practice investments, and challenges in separating their business and personal cash flow. Aprio’s Wealth Management Advisors have years of experience working with dental practice owners to help them address these and other issues, like reviewing or setting up a company retirement plan. The team takes a unique approach by integrating investment management, financial planning and tax services to consider all aspects of a dentist’s financial life. They offer coordinated advice to help dentists build wealth with proactive tax planning, strategic investing, well-developed processes and collaborative strategies. They are committed to helping dental professionals achieve financial freedom while protecting and growing their personal and practice’s wealth.

What customers can expect to receive:
  • Financial planning
  • Investment advisement
  • Estate and trust planning
  • Pre- and post-transition wealth management
  • Comprehensive retirement plan services
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About Aprio

As a single-source financial growth partner for dental practices of all sizes, Aprio’s engaged professionals are passionate about helping practices succeed. They are a collaborative team of dental CPAs, practice consultants, transition specialists and wealth advisors who work together to maximize financial outcomes for dental professionals.

From startup to exit, Aprio’s dental-specific team of advisors will work alongside you to uncover opportunities, navigate transitions and manage risks at every stage of the dental practice lifecycle. Aprio provides the financial insights, industry knowledge and strategic planning needed to achieve growth and make informed decisions.

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