Aerosol Management Equipment

Dental aerosol management: healthier air for a healthier practice

Managing dental aerosols is vital for mitigating both indoor air quality concerns and the potential for disease transmission and respiratory issues. Equipment such as handpieces, ultrasonic scalers, air polishers, and electrosurgery units all contribute to the production of dental aerosols. Protect the health of your practice and your patients­­ with our quality aerosol management equipment.  

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Comprehensive infection prevention: considerations for today and beyond

From the air in your practice to the way you care for your patients, preventing disease transmission has never been more critical. Read a helpful guide to the most important considerations and solutions for top-level infection control.

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Surgically Clean Air JADE air purifier

Enjoy clean, fresh and re-energizing air at your practice with JADE air purifier, one of the most advanced and effective air purification systems out there.
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A-dec JADE air purifier

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