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Dental office design services at Patterson

Most successful dentists will attribute their success to a perfect balance of their professional needs with their personal ones. Just like professionals in any field, these dentists understood that to be the best, they needed guidance and advice from those with more experience when something was outside their area of expertise.

As you embark on a new or revamped office design, you’ll be faced with many options and decisions. There’s no need to go it alone. Let Patterson help with recommendations, referrals or just sitting down with you to sort out the options. Together, we’ll create a plan for meeting your long-term goals and bringing to life the vision you’ve always had for your own practice.

We’re committed to finding the right solutions and supporting you every step of the way so that you can feel confident in your practice investment. Ready to explore how Patterson can meet your office design needs? Contact us below or scroll to view all our office design offerings.

Patterson Office Design Services

Setting up your practice can be complex. Sorting out the particulars of contracts, leases, purchases, employee compensation, benefits, office design, construction, equipment and supplies are decisions you will want to reach with the help of various professionals. Patterson has many national relationships with professionals in the industry, from architects to real estate brokers.

Seeing Is Believing

To help you plan your office space, Patterson has designers who are professionally trained in office design and planning utilizing the latest 3D technologies. We’ve even introduced virtual reality to our design services to give customers an immersive view into their dream practices.

Explore Office Design Solutions

You have ideas, Patterson has floor plans, practice photos, detailed resources and much more to help you bring your office design project to life. Be inspired

How much money do you need to set up your practice, and how much will it take to meet your ongoing business and personal needs? These are big questions that, fortunately, can be broken down into easy-to-understand components. Learn more about your financing options

Explore Your Equipment & Technology Options

As you design your dream office, consider which equipment and technology investments make sense. Up-to-date technology will allow you to work efficiently and effectively while providing the convenience that patients look for in a dental office. Explore your options today!

Discover a range of dental radiography options to help you meet your patients’ demand.

Revolutionize your practice with single-visit restorations through the latest CAD/CAM technology.

Optimize workflows and increase patient satisfaction by focusing on your core operatory equipment.

Experience better integration and better reporting backed by expert support through our practice management solutions.

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