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A full team of office design experts

Design Edge is Patterson’s comprehensive office design solution. Whether you’re equipping a single operatory or undergoing a large-scale renovation or new build, Patterson works with you to transform your office from what it is now to exactly what you want it to be.

The Patterson Design Edge team and your equipment specialists will guide you through every stage of the process, from finding the perfect location and selecting your ideal equipment, to securing your financing, designing your practice and overseeing construction.

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Design Edge

Planning Services

Using Patterson’s Design Edge planning service, we help you evaluate and ensure that your real estate meets the needs of your business. Plus, you’ll glean key insights into the new practice before construction begins and see your office through the eyes of your future new customers.

3D Office Design

Design Edge uses 3D interactive dental office design to show you exactly what your new practice or remodel will look like – before a single wall is built. Walk through your brand-new practice or see how upgrading a single operatory can change how you, your team and your patients experience dentistry.

The Team

The Design Edge team is composed of dentistry’s best and most experienced dental office designers. Using their myriad skills and advanced resources, your Design Edge team will take care of you and provide the most complete service to help you make informed and educated decisions about your practice remodel or new build. 

Contact the design team or your local Patterson equipment specialist today to start planning your future practice!

Real Estate

Whether purchasing land or leasing space for your new or existing dental practice, it's critical to understand how to make your real estate work for you. Because the cost of real estate for your practice can be one of the biggest expenses you have over the course of your dental career, you need to make sure to partner with a team that you trust. At Patterson, we will ensure that you maximize your real estate investment and make it a strategic piece of growing your new dental practice.

Patterson's Design Edge service connects you with industry-leading real estate brokers that offer services vital to a successful remodel, expansion or new build. Your Patterson team remains with you throughout the process, so you can be confident that your best interests are being met.

Services Include

  • Site Selection: Site tours, market rates analysis, site criteria analysis (for things like accessibility and visibility) and more
  • Transaction Management: Landlord relations, lease execution and portfolio management
  • Lease Negotiation: Review of lease clauses such as exclusivity, assumption/assignment, termination and much more

Interior Design

Showcase your unique style with interior design guidance from Design Edge. Make the perfect style statement in your practice, from the front door all the way to the breakroom. Patterson’s Design Edge team will help you create an interior design plan that reflects your style and the way you and your team practice dentistry.

The Design Edge professionals will help you choose a color scheme, select the perfect wall and flooring coverings, and match your equipment finishes throughout your practice. This will help you create the perfect image for your practice and create a memorable experience for your patients.


Partner with a trusted architect to bring your vision to life. As your new practice or remodel enters its final planning stages, it's important to engage an architect who is well-versed in dental practice design. Patterson's Design Edge team and equipment specialists partner with industry-leading architectural firms to assist you with this process.

When you work with a Patterson-recommended architectural partner, you can trust that you're getting reliable services.

Services Include

  • Code Review: Dental offices are required to comply with many local and national building codes, which are essential to the safety of your patients and employees
  • Architectural Permit Drawings: In conjunction with the mechanical drawings created by your Patterson Design Edge team and equipment specialist, most states require an “architectural stamped set” of construction documents in order to permit and approve the project to proceed to the construction phase
  • Construction Administration: Throughout the construction process, your Patterson equipment specialist and the architect will ensure that the contractor is adhering to the original design intent, code and cost

Partnering with a Patterson-recommended architect ensures a streamlined process with the entire team and the successful outcome of your project. Contact your Patterson Design Edge team or equipment specialist today to get started.

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