33 Intraoral Sensors
33 Intraoral Sensors

WE CALL THEM PRESETS. YOU'LL CALL THEM "ME-SETS.” Schick 33’s clinical-task-specifi c mapping feature allows you to quickly view images based on your particular diagnostic needs. Simply click on the preset and your images will automatically default to settings designed for general dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, or restorative dentistry. 

A DYNAMIC IMAGE ENHANCER BRINGS IT ALL INTO FOCUS. Schick 33’s powerful image enhancement software also features a dynamic image enhancer that allows you to manipulate image sharpness quickly and easily. Just move the interactive image enhancer to the sharpness level you desire. It’s a simple enhancement that gives you sophisticated diagnostic capabilities. And a level of personalization that’s unbelievable—and unprecedented. 

SCHICK 33 MODULARITY. Featuring the Schick Modular Platform’s unique interchangeable cable technology and remote module-paired with powerfully simple imaging software—Schick 33 gives you an unprecedented level of control over your high-quality digital images.

DYNAMIC IMAGE ENHANCER - allows users to simply and easily adjust image sharpness to suit their needs.

IMAGE PREFERENCE PRESETS - simplify diagnostics for general dentistry, endodontic, periodontic and restorative dentistry.

USER-DEFINABLE TASKS for multi-clinician practices make it easy to change settings according to preference or diagnostic task.

MULTIPLE IMAGE SHARING OPTIONS - allows users to save files in the format preferred by colleagues and insurers, including jpeg, ZIP and postcard.