3D Printing

Dentist building restorations with a 3D printer

Create accurate, reliable implants, orthodontics and restorations faster than ever

The future is now. While the idea of 3D printing has found its way to the mainstream, its implications in dental laboratories are finally becoming clear. The landscape is changing, but the team at Patterson Dental is well-versed in 3D printing technology, and can help you explore the options and determine if it’s the right tool for your practice.

Featured 3D Printing Solutions

Patterson has made a commitment to connecting you with the best technology available to bring the best possible care to your patients. Discover our featured solutions, and learn more about an exciting new way to create precise, reliable dental solutions.

SprintRay MoonRay S High Resolution DLP 3D Printer

Quickly print multiple precise dental models, surgical guides, or night guards using the SprintRay MoonRay S High Resolution DLP 3D Printer. Features a durable resin tank for minimal downtime and low-maintenance operation. Comes with an easy-to-use software, and is compatible with a wide range of dental materials, including NextDent and other proprietary resins.

Closeup of the MoonRay S

Discover Our Selection of 3D Printers

When it comes to adopting the latest technology, it pays to explore your options. Take the time to browse our collection of 3D printing solutions, and when you’re ready, our team at Patterson can help you find the solution that fits your needs best.