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Patterson Dental is proud to be a complete partner for your practice, including office design. Our comprehensive approach on every project, from operatory updates to brand new builds, will set your mind at ease and help you bring your unique vision to life.

Patterson Office Design Services


Patterson National Planning Team designers are here to help you design your new dental office. From classic layout plans to the full 3D experience, from installation plans to interior desins, the NPTeam offers services for every aspect of your dental office design.

Design Inspiration

Explore the drawings, plans and photos of our work. Each dental office design you see here was created to satisfy the desires and requirements of an individual practitioner. These are Design Solutions for real life.

Surface Calculator

What are your floor requirements? The National Planning Team designers have built this calculator to help you rapidly evalutate space requirements for your future dental office project. This tool will tell you right from the start whether the space you have chosen will work for your dental office.

Ready to explore how Patterson's NPTeam can meet your office design needs? Request more information now!

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