The operatory is a key area in the dental practice and creating an environment that is functional and comfortable is essential. When planning the design of your dental operatory, it's important to consider your needs and preferences.

A well-planned design and organization techniques can help with efficient traffic flow while keeping the space private – whether you choose a single-entry or dual-entry arrangement. When making equipment and technology decisions, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Ergonomics
  • Design
  • Set-up

At Patterson Dental, we guide you through every step of the dental equipment purchasing process, from choosing the right chairs and cabinetry, to financing your purchases, and offering equipment support long after installation.

Dental Chairs

Because the patient will spend the majority of their visit in the dental chair, choosing the right one is important. Key features include seating position controls and an adjustable headrest. Various colors, styles and designs are available to help incorporate chairs with your operatory design.


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Delivery Systems

The dental delivery system regulates air and water supply to handpieces and is a central hub for the doctor. Whether you decide upon cart, side, rear or over-the-patient delivery systems depends entirely upon what is most comfortable for you.


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In addition to providing storage for supplies, the right dental furniture and configuration can increase productivity by streamlining workflow. Different configurations include central, side, rear or upper.


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Dental Stools

Correct ergonomics are extremely important to avoiding injury and working comfortably for years to come. As such, stools should be selected very carefully and old stools should be replaced. Key features of a quality dental stool include padding for comfort, adjustable height and wheeled bases for easy maneuvering and stability.


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Dental Lights

The delivery system that you choose will dictate which lights you choose. Important traits of quality operatory lights include strong illumination to provide a clear view of the oral cavity. Additionally, the light should resemble natural daylight to aid in prior shade matching.


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