CAD/CAM Software

Screenshots of CAD/CAM software offerings

Unlock next-level user experience for your CAD/CAM unit

Your CAD/CAM software synchronizes with your unit to analyze images and calculate excellent restoration proposals. In short, it saves time and gets you to the production stage – whether in your office or at the lab – much more quickly. In the past, your CAD/CAM software selection was limited to what came “in the box.” Now, you’ve got options, and at Patterson, we’re equipped to help you make the right solution for your unique practice.

Featured CAD/CAM Software Solutions

Over the years, new software solutions have been developed to work seamlessly with your CAD/CAM milling unit. Find the level of efficiency and effectiveness that works best for you – our experts are happy to answer your questions as you explore.

CEREC 4.5.1

With CEREC Software 4.5.1, design is more intelligent than ever before. The software analyzes all scanned teeth and predicts anatomy, leading to astonishing initial proposals. A wide breadth of easy-to-use design tools allows you more freedom to customize your restorations from central ridge to parameters and anatomical features. This lets you save time, so you can finalize the case much faster.

Screenshot of CEREC 4.5.1 CAD/CAM software

TRIOS Software Suite

With new workflows, more efficient scanning, more powerful software, and improvements to core design tools, TRIOS software offers incredible speed and precision on every proposal generated. Plus, the software architecture has been strengthened for increased reliability and performance. Includes TRIOS Orthodontist, Design Studio, Implant Studio software.

Screenshot from the iTero TRIOS software suite

Let Patterson help you choose CAD/CAM software

Whether you’ve been considering an upgrade for a while, or are at the beginning of your journey, Patterson has the expertise and product selection to suit your practice needs. Our complete line of CAD/CAM software is just one click away.