Inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers in a single appointment

CAD/CAM dentistry should not be thought of as an entirely new way of doing dentistry, but rather a way of doing everyday dentistry better. In fact, the practice of dentistry has evolved to a point where digital dentistry is now synonymous with everyday dentistry. Single-visit CAD/CAM dentistry with CEREC®, a concept once considered unconventional, is now one of the most influential, innovative and respected chairside CAD/CAM systems
in the world.

Single-Visit Chairside Restorations

CEREC single-visit chairside restorations eliminate inconvenient impressions, time-wasting temporaries and unnecessary reduction of healthy tooth structure. CEREC offers patients the esthetics they want in just one visit, and reduces your overhead. With CEREC, you’ll eliminate the need for a second appointment. This will allow you to treat more patients and generate more revenue for your practice. And with chairside sintering capabilities, CEREC continues to be the innovation leader, allowing you to offer patients full-contour zirconia crowns in a single visit.

Seamless Workflow


Digital scanning with CEREC is easy. Scanning assistance is provided both visually and audibly as you capture an image of the preparation and opposing jaw with CEREC Omnicam. With a speed of up to 18 images per second and 20 microns of accuracy, your impressions will not only be faster, but more precise.


With CEREC Software 4.4, design is more intelligent than ever before. The software analyzes all scanned teeth and predicts anatomy, leading to astonishing initial proposals. A wide breadth of easy-to-use design tools allows you more freedom to customize your restorations from central ridge to parameters and anatomical features. This lets you save time, so you can finalize the case much faster.


In minutes, the CEREC milling unit delivers durable, long-lasting and highly esthetic results that are ready to place immediately after being milled. CEREC milling units are compatible with over 11 different kinds of materials, creating even more freedom to customize the procedure to your patient's individual needs.

Zirconia Integration with CEREC SpeedFire

The all-new CEREC SpeedFire allows you to sinter zirconia blocks in a compact chairside furnace. CEREC SpeedFire is capable of sintering a full-contour zirconia crown in 10 to 15 minutes. Designed for seamless integration into the CEREC workflow, the CEREC SpeedFire allows you to offer patients the strength of zirconia in a single visit. Simply design and mill restorations as usual, then sinter with CEREC SpeedFire. Finish with CEREC SpeedGlaze spray and the restoration is ready to seat using conventional cementation - no bonding required.

Induction-based heating for sintering and staining/glazing

Sinter a full contour crown in 10 to 15 minutes

No manual programming required - the CEREC system sends the correct firing schedule for the case at hand directly to the furnace

Added Value for Both Patient and Practice

With CEREC, patients receive a new treatment experience that will impress them from beginning to end. From the outstanding quality of materials to the impeccable restoration results - CEREC delivers unparalleled dentistry.