Faster, more effective implantation tools and technology

CEREC® implantology integrated with 3D software lets you design and place implants right in your practice. Implantology is one of the largest growth areas in dentistry. With CEREC, you maintain total control over the implant process, while enhancing its value to your practice. Whether you want to restore implants, place them, or both - CEREC supports you with safe, predictable workflows.

Seamless Workflow


Optical impressions and 3D X-ray data form the perfect basis




Plan the implant and produce a surgical guide


Place the implant in the patient's mouth




Produce the individual abutment and crown

Single Treatment Sessions

CEREC Guide 2 for Guided Surgery

Fabricate a fullycustomized surgical guide in less than an hour with CEREC Omnicam digital impressions and Galileos 3D digital imaging. Mill the surgical guide from a PMMA polymer block right in your practice on the CEREC MC XL or CEREC MC X milling machine. This drilling template is your companion throughout the entire implant process. The sleeveless feature allows for a completely integrated workflow and less complexity. From the minute you scan the patient’s impression to the second you place the implant, CEREC safely guides you to an ultimately perfect result.

  • No model necessary
  • Low material costs
  • Works in tandem with your own CEREC milling machine and Sirona cone beam
  • Adds value to your practice

Custom Implant Abutments

With CEREC, you are the source of production. You can create a customized abutment with the appropriate crown - or screw-retained crown - in just one simple design step, and produce them on a CEREC chairside milling machine. Patterson offers a large variety of materials for both methods. The screw-retained crown can also be used as a gingiva shaper to form an individual emergence profile. Producing in-house abutments is another way to keep 100% of the implant process right in your own practice.

Innovative Implant Materials

CEREC milling options offer you a wide selection of innovative, versatile materials – for both temporary and permanent restorations. These include inCoris ZI meso from Sirona, IPS e.max CAD and Telio CAD from Ivoclar Vivadent, and CAD-Temp IS and ENAMIC IS from VITA Zahnfabrik.