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Bring your vision to life with our office design expertise

Remodeling? Building new? Looking to expand? There’s much to know and consider. Our comprehensive approach on every project, from a single operatory update to new builds, will set your mind at ease. Count on our expertise to guide you through intricacies such as office layout, technical requirements and operational best practices.

We’re committed to finding the right solutions and supporting you every step of the way – through planning, design, installation & implementation and support – so that you can feel confident in your practice investment. 

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Let’s map out the details of your vision

In the planning phase, Patterson’s Office Design team and Equipment Specialists can help you evaluate and ensure that your vision and the reality of the space meets the needs of your business. Plus, you’ll glean key insights into the new practice before construction begins and see your office through the eyes of your future new customers.

Our team can also help to connect you with key professional partners who specialize in dental construction expertise with your unique needs. Local expertise and office design team.
Design Services

Let us help you bring it all together

We have design services that range from the evaluation of your chosen practice location to laying out the clinical/public/private spaces, setting up your equipment, or choosing interior finishes that put your patients at ease. Our designs optimize for practice efficiency and showcase the equipment, furniture, and cabinets you’ve selected.

View the possibilities in our office design gallery

We’ve designed thousands of dental offices – all shapes and sizes, improving traffic flow, increasing productivity and profitability. Browse our gallery and discover solutions that can help you bring your office design project to life.
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Experience your office design through virtual reality

Our 3D interactive dental office design shows you exactly what your new practice or remodel will look like – before a single wall is built. Walk through your brand-new practice or see how upgrading a single operatory can change how you, your team and your patients experience dentistry.
Equipment, Technology & Supplies

Make sure you have the right product solutions for your office design

As part of planning and design, we help you select the equipment, technology and software you need to meet your goals, support effective work-flows and provide the best patient experience. 

We can also help ensure you have the supplies you need for the smooth functioning of your operatories, lab and front office – from consent forms to cotton rolls to carvers to composites.
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Watch it all come together

Our experts will meet onsite with the contractors to ensure the right information is flowing at the right time with the right people. From chairs to lights to digital, we make sure everything is installed and working perfectly.
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Repair & Support

Get ongoing support after the project ends

After we help you build a productive practice, we help you keep it running smoothly, through our certified service tech team, local branches, the Patterson Technology Center, and our national repair center.
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Learn how to build privacy into your office design

Use office design principles to guarantee a private experience for patients without sacrificing a visually pleasing layout.

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