IPS e.max® CAD for inLab® – Basic Kit A-D - IVOCLAR VIVADENT, INC

The IPS e.max CAD for inLab Basic Kit comprises all the blocks for the Sirona inLab system as well as the necessary working accessories. The Basic Kit is supplied in the new materials cabinet and can be expanded as desired with other IPS e.max Kits and assortments.

  • Lithium disilicate glass-ceramic block for the CAD/CAM technique
  • Processed for the laboratory in a crystalline intermediate phase
  • In soft state, material exhibits bluish color and strength of 160 MPa
  • In blue phase, restorations can be manually adjusted or cut-back
  • Final strength of 360 MPa

Contains: 1 IPS e.max CAD for inLab 5 in each shade: A1, A2, size C14; 1 (3 g) IPS e.max CAD Crystall./ in each shade: 1, 2, I1, I2; 1 (1 g) IPS e.max CAD Crystall./stains in each shade: white, sunset, khaki, mahogany; 1 (3 g) IPS e.max CAD glaze paste; 1 (270 ml) IPS e.max CAD Crystall./glaze spray; 1 (15 ml) IPS e.max CAD Crystall./glaze liquid; 1 (5 g) incisal IPS e.max CAD Crystall./add-on; 1 (15 ml) IPS e.max CAD Crystall./add-on liquid; 1 (00) brush, 1 (2) brush; 1 tweezer; 3 OptraGate S; 3 OptraGate R; 1 (50 ml) Virtual CAD Bite includes 6 mixing tips, 1 (50 ml) shade: blue-lemon; IPS Contrast Spray chairside; 1 IPS e.max CAD Crystallization Tray; 1 (10 ml) IPS Object Fix Flow; 1 (10 g) Object Fix Putty; 1 OptraSculpt Double Ended; 40 OptraSculpt spatulas; 40 OptraSculpt cylinders; 3 OptraDam S; 3 OptraDam R; 1 IPS Ceramic Etching Gel Kit; 3 OptraStick test pack; 1 (6 g) Multilink Automix Easy; 1 (3 g) Multilink primer A; 1 (3 g) Multilink primer B; 50 Multilink applicators (regular and endo); 1 Multilink primer mixing plate; 1 (5 g) Monobond; 1 (55 ml) Proxyt refill RDA 7 fine; 1 IPS natural die material shade guide; 1 IPS e.max Press/CAD LT shade guide; 1 IPS e.max Press/CAD HT shade guide and 1 IPS e.max material box (3 - 55, 1 - 80)
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