Prime & Bond® NT™ – Economy Package - DENTSPLY CANADA LTD.

Prime & Bond® NT™ is a light-cured dental adhesive that can be used for virtually all direct and indirect restorative bonding procedures involving composite, ceramic and amalgam materials. Exclusive nanofillers ensure marginal integrity and exhibit deep penetration into tubules and horizontal interconnects. 0% sensitivity ensures a pain-free post-op experience for all patients.

  • Provides outstanding bond strength for direct and indirect restorations
  • Very low film thickness prevents adhesive show-through
  • Contains fluoride for added protection
  • Highly effective sealing ensures patient comfort
  • Combines advantages of nanofiller particles and PENTA™ chemistry

Contains: 3 (4.5 ml) bottles of Prime & Bond NT, 120 disposable brush tips, 3 brush handles, 2 (3 ml) syringes of Caulk 34% tooth conditioner, 1 dispensing well and laminated instructionsl
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