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Work Smarter.
We leaned on insights from hundreds of industry profesionals to develop streamlined workflows. Do more, faster.
Smart Screens
You'll find our innovative Smart Screens throughout Fuse, right where you need them most. With Smart Screens, you're able to view, filter, and act on real-time patient information and practice data, in a way that's never been possible before. They eliminate the need for many of the traditional reports you run today.
Intuitive Interface.
We built Fuse to resemble leading social media tools and other popular technology. It's both fresh and familiar at the same time.
Clinical Timeline
View all of your patient's clinical evidence on a simple, clean, visually engaging timeline. Here, we put information at your fingertips - services, conditions, clicnical notes, treatment plans, clinical forms, clinical documents, perio exams, and images. Plus, it's updated in real time, creating a better experience for you and your patients.
Totally Connected.
Information. Your office staff. You. All connected through a single database to create seamless practice management.
Centralized tasks
Access all of your reporting, scheduling, and patient data from a single log in, even with multiple practice locations. Fuse makes it easy to toggle between locations without ever needing to log out.
Device agnostic
Take Fuse with you wherever you go with our browser-based, cloud software. It's built for maximum compatibility across a wide range of devices and operating systems. Move freely, and still get the job done.
Uncommon Support.
From onboarding to everyday questions, our dedicated Fuse team is equipped to support you every step of the way.
Choices in support and training
Fuse delivers training and support to maximize the software's impact on your business - in person, remote, or by using WalkMe, a self-guided journey through the software. We offer all those options to ensure you find the one that best fits your practice needs and your lifestyle.
WalkMe Tool
The WalkMe tool is embedded in Fuse software as a guide for everyone from brand-new users to seasoned veterans. As a step-by-step interactive experience, WalkMe allows the new user to learn key functionality while actually completing tasks. As users gain proficiency, WalkMe is always there, able to reinforce best practices and remind users of the best path to complete their work.
See what more Fuse can do.
From clinical and administrative to business-related tasks, Fuse was built to enhance every aspect of your practice.
Business Operations

Business Operations
Practice dashboard
See key performance indicators (KPIs) in a dashboard format for quick, at-a-glance observation.
Quickly generate the reports that matter most to you. Exportable to .CSV file type for convenience.
Multi-location administration
Use a single login to access administrative tasks at each location you manage.
Performance summary Smart Screen
Gain insight into production and collection activity, then use your data to drive strategic action.

Ideal day scheduling and goal scheduling give visibility to production goals, and enable maximum efficiency.
Patient overview screen
Navigate to every potential action on a patient account, from insurance claims to treatment plans.
Insurance management Smart Screen
No reports needed to support common queries, or view exceptions and alerts. Add up to six insurance plans per patient.
Send claims electronically to enjoy fewer rejections, faster turnaround on payments, claim tracking, and more.
Accounts receivable Smart Screen
Manage outstanding accounts without running a single report.
Patient care Smart Screens
Access and update both preventative care and treatment plans. Metrics help you monitor patient progress.
also included:
  • Document management
  • Credit card processing
  • Patient billing including account summary view
  • eAttachments
  • Team member dashboard (My Dashboard)
  • Role-based security
  • Interactive tutorials (WalkMe)

Clinical charting
Interactive tooth chart allows you to view and display care history of a specific tooth, or a selectable range of teeth.
Capture, view and manipulate any 2D images within the application. Fuse can acquire images from virtually any 2D device.
Treatment plans
Create a preferred option treatment plan and link a secondary plan, then attach unscheduled appointments when needed.
Preventive care management
Manage preventive care treatment for patients with the flexibility to create the ideal care schedule.
Periodontal charting
Touchscreen-friendly charting format for perio exams allows you to compare and graph multiple exams at once.
Respond to refill requests directly from patient's clinical record - prescription documentation auto-populates.
also included:
  • Clinical notes templates
  • Clinical forms and medical alerts
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