Midmark M9/M11 Steam Sterilizers
Midmark M9/M11 Steam Sterilizers

The Midmark M11 steam sterilizer is one of the largest chambers of any tabletop autoclave on the market. If your steri-center has limited space, enjoy big productivity with a small footprint using the Midmark M9 steam sterilizer.

Midmark M9/M11 steam sterilizers are easy to operate and are time tested for reliability. Simply load the sterilizer, set it and forget it. Select the cycle and the time needed. Press “Start” and the sterilizer will fill with the correct amount of water. Once the sterilization process is complete, the door opens automatically and quietly to dissipate the steam, giving you a fast drying time for your instruments. Less complexity means better reliability and a cost-effective solution. It’s real convenience.

  • Patented automatic-opening door for efficient, safe instrument drying
  • Steam-flush pressure pulse air removal system to ensure proper steam sterilization
  • Accessible reservoir fill port and drain tube in the front of the sterilizer
  • Real-time alerts for prompt notifications of critical system errors
  • Preprogrammed sterilization cycles and intuitive LCD display for quick prompts and confident operation
  • Option to add a Midmark Sterilizer Data Logger for easy, electronic tracking of data

  • Fast and easy to use for efficient instrument processing
  • Reliable and effective for quality infection control

Midmark M11 steam sterilizer

  • Chamber dimensions: 11" diameter, 18" depth
  • Outer casing: 23.8" L x 17.8" W x 17.8" H
  • Minimum countertop area: 17.8" x 21"
  • Unit weight: 99 lb
  • Available in 115/230 V
  • ASME certified

Midmark M9 steam sterilizer

  • Chamber dimensions: 9" diameter, 15" depth
  • Outer casing: 20.38" L x 15.3" W x 15.8" H
  • Minimum countertop area: 15.3" x 17.88"
  • Unit weight: 73 lb
  • Available in 115/230 V
  • ASME certified