Dentsply Sirona Galileos

GALILEOS Comfort/Compact

With its large, spherical volume of 15 cm in diameter, GALILEOS Comfort does not only capture the entire jaw, including the jaw joints, but also all important anatomical structures of the craniofacial region.

The volume size of GALILEOS Compact is 15 cm diameter and 12 cm height, thus capturing the whole toothed jaw area, including the ascending rami and sinus region. With the lowest dose of all DVT units, GALILEOS creates a detailed representation based on the newly developed metal artifact reconstruction software MARS

Integrated FaceScanner Technology: X-ray image and surface visualization in one scan. With the FaceScanner integrated in GALILEOS x-ray units, the vision of the virtual patient is coming closer. While taking the x-ray this scanner plots a virtual "mirror image" of the patient. The x-ray scan and 3D face scan are superimposed fully automatically and accurately. 

Dose Counts! From the positioning of the patient to the completed image on screen, all elements of the image chain are carefully synchronized to complement each other. GALILEOS ensures the lowest effective dose* with the best image quality. By choosing a smaller volume you can lower the dose even further.  The optional HD mode of the GALILEOS ComfortPLUS guarantees the highest image quality so that you will come to a clear diagnosis quickly, even in difficult cases.

CEREC meets GALILEOS! Maximum safety during implantation. Simultaneous surgical and prosthetic implant planning ensures maximum safety and provides your patients with a quicker and improved understanding of the treatment.

3D Software GALILEOS Implant - The time saving way to plan complex treatments. The number 1 in terms of simplicity offers precisely what you need for implant planning and patient consultation. 

Galileos Brochure: Download