Planmeca ProMax 3D Imaging Units
Planmeca ProMax 3D Imaging Units

Whether you’re just beginning your 3D journey or you’re looking for the highly advanced technology, the Planmeca ProMax 3D family has an imaging unit designed to suit your needs. Each system includes three concurrent Planmeca Romexis® software licenses and Planmeca’s comprehensive Implant Library. All come standard with a 5-year warranty that includes the flat panel sensor.

Planmeca ProMax® 3D s

Ideal for single-site implant cases and endodontics, the Planmeca ProMax 3D s has one of the highest resolution settings in the industry with a voxel size of 75 µm – perfect for viewing small anatomical details. Additionally, the Planmeca ProMax 3D s can be upgraded to a Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic at any time, allowing owners to expand services without investing in a new system.

Planmeca ProMax® 3D LEC

For general practitioners looking for a premium system in an affordable package, the Planmeca ProMax 3D LEC provides detailed and accurate CBCT imaging. It offers small volume sizes for endodontic work to a ø11x8 cm volume to image the airway and TMJ.  This unit can be upgraded with advanced features such as Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ and Planmeca CALM™, making it exceptionally versatile.

Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic

One of Planmeca’s best-selling units for the general practitioner, the Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic is an extremely versatile 2D/3D combination unit. Capture the whole dentition and the airway using the ø11x8 cm volume size, along with true extraoral bitewings and panoramic images using Auto Focus technology for exceptional clarity in 2D radiography.

Planmeca ProMax® 3D Plus

General practitioners who want a balance of advanced features, usability and value will find it in the Planmeca ProMax 3D Plus. This system allows viewing the same anatomy as a 2D pan – but in 3D, making the transition to CBCT imaging more seamless. Clinicians can image a single tooth or up to ø20x10 cm volume for dental sleep medicine. For practices wanting to expand services into the orthodontic arena, this versatile system can be upgraded to a Planmeca ProMax® 3D Mid.

Planmeca ProMax™ 3D Mid

The Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid meets the clinical needs of discerning practitioners and specialists. With volume sizes up to 20x17, practices can diagnose and plan treatment for a myriad of services from endodontic work to orthodontics. This unit can also be upgraded to include Planmeca ProFace® technology, which combines 3D photography with radiology to create a virtual patient for advanced treatment planning.

Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™

  • Achieves an average reduction in dose of 77% without a statistical reduction in image quality
  • Allows doctors to incorporate 3D imaging into routine protocols with effective patient radiation often lower than 2D intraoral imaging
  • Increases patient care by allowing doctors to diagnose more dentistry, and often earlier in disease progression, than with 2D imaging alone

Planmeca CALM™

  • Includes patient motion detection and correction technology
  • Corrects movement during CBCT acquisition
  • Reduces the risk of retakes

Patented SCARA technology

  • Capture True Extraoral Bitewings that consistently open the proximal contacts and are as accurate at detecting caries as a 2D bitewing series, but with half the radiation dose
  • View the apices of teeth on both jaws for a more comprehensive view of patient anatomy.

Planmeca 3D systems come with Autofocus, a technology that produces incredibly clear panoramic images, even on the interiors.

Planmeca ProMax 3D s

Volume sizes ø5x5-ø8x5 cm


Planmeca ProMax 3D LEC

Volume sizes ø5x5-ø11xø8 cm

Upgradeable to Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic

Optional Planmeca Ultra Low Dose and Planmeca CALM


Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic

Volume sizes ø5x5-ø11xø8 cm


Planmeca ProMax 3D Plus

Volume sizes ø4x5-ø20x10 cm

Upgradeable to Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid


Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid

Volume sizes ø4x5-ø20x17 cm