Operatory Equipment

Create the ideal environment for every operatory

At dental practices, the operatory is where the action is.

The operatory is where your patients’ opinions of your practice are solidified, and where your team members spend much of their time. That’s why you want an equipment partner that can give you the best choices to fit your unique needs.

Nearly every component of operatory equipment has a significant impact on both your patients and your team members – chairs, stools, lights, delivery systems and more. Products from Patterson help meet your clinical and ergonomic needs while you treat your patients.

For function and comfort, trust Patterson.

Discover your options

Carefully crafted to ensure comfort for both the dental team and the patient.

A combination of durability and ergonomic efficiency for all procedures.

Multiple configurations, multiple styles, a single goal: effective practice.

See clearly with lighting systems that fit your unique needs.

Highlighted solutions

A-dec 500 Series

Unsurpassed ergonomics and incredible patient care come standard with the A-dec 500 series. The A-dec 500 chair’s ultra-thin backrest and slim-profile headrest provide you with ergonomic access to the oral cavity, while A‑dec 500 delivery systems give you internal integration of all your instruments and ancillaries so you can work efficiently and comfortably.

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