Everything you’ve come to appreciate about the A-dec 511 dental chair is now available with a smarter and more seamless delivery system. The new A-dec 533pro continental delivery system is enabled with A-dec+ and an updatable software platform, offering your dental team increased efficiencies, ease of use and a new level of connection.

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With the following features, the A-dec 533pro continental delivery system gives you confidence in knowing that your equipment will respond exactly as you expect, so you can keep your full focus on your patient:
  • Intelligent control: Enjoy consistency and predictability with intuitive, connected equipment.
  • Connectivity: Experience technological flexibility with A-dec+ and a software-based platform.
  • Flexible integration: Integrate new clinical capabilities into your existing platform.
  • Optimal access: Comfortably position everything you need within reach.
  • Superior care: Support excellence in patient care with the comfort and stability the A-dec 533pro offers.
  • Ergonomic comfort: Eliminate pull-back on handpieces for less fatigue with this ergonomic design.
  • Positive positioning: The delivery system can be smoothly and precisely situated where you want it.
  • Automatic braking: The arm system automatically releases when you grab the handle.
  • Adjustable handpiece holders: Each position is moveable.
  • Capacitive 7" touch screen: Impact-resistant glass surface and advanced responsive keys are easy to program and disinfect.
  • Adaptable chair presets: Icons that reflect actual chair positions allow you to confidently reposition your patients.
  • Configurable handpiece presets: Activity-specific memory buttons mean you can define up to four presets per function with a single touch.
  • First-out logic: Once a handpiece is removed, the intelligent control disables a second one from operating if it’s removed. This means your assistant can swap out a bur on a secondary handpiece, while you remain focused on your patient.
  • Preset flush timers: You can automate waterline maintenance flush between patients.
  • Access to A-dec+ connectivity (standard)
  • Dynamic Screen 7 (DS7)
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Software update capability with A-dec+
  • DS7 control pad
  • Timed flush feature
  • Left/right conversion
  • 5+ syringe handpiece holder positions
  • Time display included
  • Vaporizer
  • Integration: 15' (4.5 m) USB 2.0 cable / up to 6 control modules | optional: powered USB hub

“I’ve never worked with a product that had the capability to upgrade through the software, and it really speaks to the direction that A-dec is going. I've been nothing but impressed.”

Angela Toy, DDS | Arbor Hills Dental