Speed up your CAD/CAM practice with the Programat® CS6 compact, easy-to-use combination furnace for sintering, crystallizing and characterizing.
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The Programat CS6 furnace is an open system, operating independently of CAD software.  It comes pre-programmed with Ivoclar material programs, and custom programs are quickly, easily added. It is the world’s first combination crystallization and sintering furnace with a vacuum, enabling fast firing cycles and outstanding esthetic results.
  • Speeds up pre-dry with drop-down chamber design in Crystallize IPS e.max® CAD in 11:10
  • Easily reproduce high-quality results with advanced firing technology
  • Same IPS e.max CAD material strength
  • Backed by 10-year guarantee
  • The world’s first sintering furnace with vacuum technology
  • Achieve a higher level of translucency due to air bubble removal
  • Oxygenation stage floods chamber with oxygen to inject color, depth and lifelike appearance
Open System
  • Freedom to run the programs you need
  • Utilize pre-set or custom programs at any time, independent of milling software
  • Power supply: 110-240 V / 50/60 Hz
  • Max. power consumption: 1650 W
  • Max. current consumption (informative): 16 A at 110–130 V~ / 9 A at 200–240 V~
  • Dimensions: 494 mm deep, 280 mm wide (without cooling tray), 415 mm wide with cooling tray, 450 mm high (closed), 573 mm (open)
  • Usable size of firing chamber: 55 mm diameter, 40 mm high
  • Weight: 63 lb