Experience total freedom with the Carestream Dental CS 3800 intraoral scanner from DEXIS: freedom from cables, freedom to pursue your preferred workflow, freedom to pay only for what you use and freedom to interact with partners how you prefer, when you prefer.
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The CS 3800 intraoral scanner offers up to one hour of continuous scanning. The smart charging station, backup power cable and optional extra batteries and charging unit ensure the scanner is always ready for use. Dedicated point-to-point Wi-Fi access ensures a robust and stable transmission for a continuous and efficient scanning procedure. Simply plug in the Wi-Fi dongle and press the button to start scanning; it’s that easy.
Plus, as the result of a renewed collaboration with Studio F.A. Porsche, the CS 3800 displays a timeless ergonomic design that ensures a lightweight, two-button, high-performance scanning experience. The CS 3800’s enlarged 16 mm x 14 mm field of view and significantly broader 21 mm depth of field capture the details you need – even in interproximal areas and subgingival margins.
  • Is one of the lightest and most compact intraoral scanners on the market
  • Delivers fast and smooth scanning thanks to a large field of view and broad depth of field
  • Provides end-to-end workflows for a seamless user experience
  • Experience optimal mobility with the wireless design
  • Minimize cross-contamination risks with full control of intraoral capabilities directly from the handpiece
  • Tips in three styles are autoclavable up to 110 cycles
  • Ergonomic design by Studio F.A. Porsche
Sensor technology: 1/2.9-inch CMOS illumination
LED: amber, blue, green
Field of view: 16 x 14 mm, 13 x 7 mm (posterior tip)
Depth of field: -2 to +16 mm
Anti-fogging technology: by airflow, guaranteed non-fogging operation when used intraorally Handpiece dimensions: 226 x 38 x 60 mm with normal tip or side tip
Weight: 240 g (with battery)
Battery model: 1INR18/65, 3.6 V/3500 mAh
Wi-Fi adapter: TP-LINK T9UH
Backup power cable length: 2 m