Prelude Adhesive System – Primer/Adhesive Refill, 5 ml Bottle, 2/Pkg - Danville Materials

This primer and adhesive is part of the Prelude Adhesive System which is a nanohybrid, light cured, self-etch or total-etch dental adhesive ideal for bonding composite to dentin, enamel, porcelain and metal. Its low film thickness does not interfere with the fit of indirect restorations.

  • Water-based primer exhibits a pH of 1.7 and contains a proprietary methacryl phosphate and a hydrophilic monomer
  • Primer is used to condition the tooth prior to restoration
  • Adhesive is an ethanol-based fluoride-releasing 25% nanohybrid-filled light-curable resin; It can be used in total-etch or self-etch mode

Contains 1 (5 ml) primer and 1 (5 ml) adhesive
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