Crest® + Oral-B® Genius X™ Perio Implant Power Toothbrush Bundle - PROCTER & GAMBLE CO

The Crest® + Oral-B® Genius X™ Perio Implant Power Toothbrush Bundle features the Oral-B® Genius X™ rechargeable toothbrush and oral care products designed to help implant patients prepare for and maintain implant treatment.

  • Brush uses artificial intelligence to recognize and report brushing patterns
  • Real-time feedback with Bluetooth™ and the free Oral-B® app
  • Timer promotes a thorough 2-minute clean
  • Pressure sensor allows a gentle cleaning experience
  • 5 modes: daily clean, gum care, pro-clean, sensitive and whitening
  • Round head removes plaque better than a manual brush
  • SmartRing allows color customization

Contains: 3 bundles, each with: 1 Oral-B® Genius X™ Professional Exclusive rechargeable toothbrush with Bluetooth™; 4 replacement brush heads, 1 of each: FlossAction™, 3D White™, Pro GumCare, Interproximal; 1 (90 ml) tube of Crest® Gum Detoxify Deep Clean toothpaste; 1 (500 ml) bottle Crest® Moisturizing Oral Rinse; 50 interdental brushes; 1 compact tapered extrafine interdental brush; 100 Oral-B® Superfloss™ pre-cut strands; 1 Oral Health Essentials booklet; 1 power regimen bag
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