Point 4™ Optimized Particle Composite System, Unidose Kit - Kerr Restoratives

Point 4™ optimized particle composite system is a light-cured, resin-based composite dental restorative. All shades are radiopaque. The reengineered smaller filler particle size offers ease of polish and high esthetics without combining hybrid and microfill composites.
Contains: 50 (0.2 g) Unidose tips, 10 in each shade: A2, A3, A3.5, XL2, T1; 25 pouches OptiBond Solo™ Plus (2.5 ml total); 1 (5 ml) bottle OptiGuard surface sealant; 2 (3 g) syringes Kerr gel etchant; 20 disposable gel etchant syringe tips; 50 disposable applicators; 1 laminated technique card; 1 Unidose dispensing gun
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