Success® Injection System – Kit - Dentsply Canada Ltd.

Success® is a full and partial denture fabrication system designed for injecting denture resin into a prepared flask. Success combines high-pressure injection, closed flask processing and the premium performance of Lucitone 199® denture resin to help technicians create the best-fitting denture prosthesis possible.

  • High-pressure injection provides controlled filling of the flask
  • Precise replication of the mold
  • Virtually eliminates change in Original Vertical Dimension of Occlusion
  • High production throughput for in-lab procession efficiencies
  • 3-year warranty on injection unit
    Contains 1 Success injection unit, 1 cartridge sleeve, 1 flask leveler, 1 flask opener, 1 (1/4") Allen wrench, 1 (50/pkg) cartridge plugs, 1 (50/pkg) material cartridges, 1 (50/pkg) injection socket (pressure piston), 1 (50/pkg) Success piston caps, 1 (50/pkg) heat seal bags, 1 pack Success sprue wax sticks, 1 package Dentsulate insulating putty, 1 tub Trixia laboratory matrix putty, 1 Luci-Sof injectable denture liner starter kit, 1 Lucitone clear single pack, 1 set injection system instructions, 2 technique videos and 1 advertising kit
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