Adper™ Scotchbond™ Multipurpose Plus Adhesive System – Intro Kit - MMM CANADA LTD

Adper™ Scotchbond™ Multipurpose Plus is a versatile adhesive system designed to handle difficult bonding situations such as bonding to sclerotic dentin and bonding in moist or dry environments. Multipurpose Plus reduces microleakage that can contribute to post-operative sensitivity for increased patient comfort and doctor confidence. It also offers excellent bond strengths to a variety of surfaces for reliable bonding performance: enamel, dentin, fresh amalgam, porcelain, composite, glass ionomer materials, and metals, ceramic and orthodontic brackets. Easy-to-follow technique guides and color-coded, numbered vials make the system efficient and simple to use.

Contains: 2 (3 ml) Phosphoric Etchant syringes, 1 (8 ml) bottle primer, 1 (8 ml) bottle adhesive, 1 (4 ml) bottle activator, 1 (4 ml) bottle catalyst, 1 (5 ml) bottle RelyX ceramic primer, 3-well mixing well and brush tips/3 color-coded handles
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