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HyFlex® EDM Rotary Files - Refills, 3/Pkg - COLTENE/WHALEDENT INC

HyFlex EDM is the newest innovation in rotary endodontics featuring the HyFlex EDM OneFile System, designed to prepare a greater number of cases with just one or two files. These rotary files feature extreme elasticity and significantly higher fracture resistance compared to traditional NiTi files, and are designed as a complete modular system including Shaping, GlidePath, OneFile, Orifice Opener and Finishing files.

  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) process results in a file that is extremely flexible and fracture resistant
  • Controlled memory follows the anatomy of the canal, which significantly reduces the risk of ledging, transportation and perforation
  • Presterilized modular system that may be used in a combination with HyFlex CM files
  • Can be used at 500 rpm and at a torque of up to 2.5 Ncm (25 mNm) except the GlidePath files, which can be used with 300 rpm and at a torque of up to 1.8 Ncm (18 mNm)
  • Regeneration by thermal treatment, a normal autoclave process is enough to return files to their original shape and fatigue resistance
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