COMPONEER™ Direct Composite Veneering System – Basic System Kit, Tips - WHALEDENT INC

COMPONEER™ Direct Composite Veneering System consists of pre-shaped veneers that are easy to use for single-tooth reconstruction as well as complete reconstruction in the anterior region. The thin composite enamel shells simplify direct veneering restoration procedures.

  • Easy and efficient to use
  • Only one session required
  • Quality dental restorations with excellent aesthetic results
  • No impressions or laboratory necessary
  • Economical for dentists and patients due to high success rate and efficiency
  • Beautiful teeth after one appointment
  • High level of conservation of tooth substance
  • Reduced treatment stress
  • High surface and edge quality
  • More economical than indirect solutions

Contains: 24 Componeer veneers, 1 of each upper set (6,7, 8, 9, 10, 11) of sizes M and L in shades: Enamel Universal, Enamel White Opalescent; 5 Contour guides, 1 of each upper size: S, M, L and 1 of each lower size: S, M; 1 (1.2 ml) syringe One Coat Bond; 1 (2.5 ml) syringe Etchant Gel S; 20 (0.25 g) tips Synergy D6 Dentin, 10 in each color: A1/B1, BL/O (Bleach Opaque); 20 (0.25 g) tips Synergy D6 Enamel 10 of each color: White Opalescent, Enamel Universal; 1 shade guide for Componeer-Synergy D6 and Synergy D6 Flow; 15 bent applicator needles "Flow; 1 Mb5 modeling instrument; 1 holder; 10 holder caps; 1 placer; 2 placer adapters; 10 placer tips; brushholder black; 1 (50/pkg) brushes; 2 composite plus fine, 1 of each: cup, point; 2 composite plus ultrafine, 1 of each: cup, point; Swissflex trial kit: 1 mandrel, 16 discs
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