Strong-Massad Denplant™ Trays, Intro Pack - Global Dental Impression

Strong-Massad Denplant™ Trays are made with a clear material that allows a view through the tray to visualize the void. You can actually see if there is ample room over the dentition, edentulous ridge, or implant impression coping prior to making the impression. Uses include: immediate dentures, partial dentures, implant overdentures, combination crowns and partials, crowns and implant crowns, orthodontic impressions and snoring and sleep apnea appliances.

  • Heat moldable for bending, pinching, pulling or manipulating using a microtorch and/or hot water bath
  • No-memory tray material retains heat-molded position and can be cooled in tap water to create a custom tray in seconds
  • Physiological shape allows for easily maintaining functional anatomy
  • Ergonomic, extended handle; retention slots for proper material flow
  • Deep and wide tooth channel accommodates most dental arrangements
  • Integrated ledges provide convenient finger lip for easy removal post impression

Contains: 24 disposable trays (4 of each): Upper - small, medium and large; Lower - small, medium and large; 1 instructional technique laminate
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