OptiBond™ XTR Universal Self-Etch Adhesive – Bottle Intro Kit - Kerr Restoratives

OptiBond™ XTR self-etch, light-cure, two-component adhesive system includes a self etch primer and a universal adhesive. The OptiBond XTR PRIMER provides effective etching to enamel and dentin without the need for a separate phosphoric acid etch. The OptiBond XTR ADHESIVE helps reinforce bond strength. This bonding agent’s chemistry allows for compatibility with all self-cure or dual-cure resin cements and core build-up materials. Dentists can therefore utilize OptiBond XTR for their direct and indirect restoration procedures without the need for a secondary bonding.

  • Outstanding bond strengths to dentin and enamel with enhanced marginal integrity, and reduced microleakage for long-lasting restorations
  • Self-etch technique minimizes post-operative sensitivity, maximizes patient comfort
  • A true universal adhesive that eliminates the need for multiple bonding agents

Contains: 1 (5 ml) bottle self-etching primer, 1 (5 ml) bottle universal adhesive, 100 applicators, 25 four-cavity mixing wells, directions for use and 1 technique guide
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