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For over 140 years, Patterson Dental has worked to build a name that means something special, and developed the expertise to back up our recommendations. In your search for products that meet patient needs at competitive prices, there’s no need to look any further than the label.

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Patterson® Interdental Cleaners

We’re excited to introduce our line of interdental cleaners – give patients a convenient way to fi ght gingivitis by keeping tight spaces clear of food and plaque between visits. See all three options and order today.

Flossers, Brushes and Picks

Patterson® Dental Flosser
48/pk, 12/case (104-6416)

Patterson® Interdental Brush
72/pk, 12/case (104-6382)

Patterson® Interdental Pick
72/pk, 12/case (104-6390)

 Patterson dental flosser, pick, and brush

Featured Product

Try hand-picked Patterson items at a discounted price with our Blue Box. Choose from our Top Products or Preventive boxes, then reorder your favorites online at Limit one box per category, per customer.

Patterson Blue Box

Top Products Box $30 (over 40% off retail value) (106-7321)

• Patterson® TactileGuard™
Nitrile Examination Gloves, Medium
200/Box (088-4494)

• Patterson® Chloroprene
Examination Gloves, Small
200/Box (058-5463)

• Patterson® Saliva Ejectors
White with White Tip, Unscented
100/Pkg (089-4097)

• Patterson® Pouch Plus
Sterilization Pouches 3-1/2" x 9"
200/Pkg (084-2575)

• Patterson® Combination HVE
Aspirator Tips
100/Pkg (089-4220)

Preventive Products Box $120 (over 40% off retail value) (106-7339)

• Patterson® Disposable Prophy Angles
Latex Free, Soft Cup, Short, Pink
125/Pkg (083-1529)

• Patterson® Prophy Paste
Coarse Grit Cool Mint
200/Pkg (086-6301)

• Patterson® 5% Sodium Fluoride
White Varnish, Mint
50/Pkg (093-2830)

• Patterson® Pit and Fissure Sealant
Regular Viscosity Kit


Now through March 31 – buy 4, get 1 free

Patterson® Waterline Maintenance Tablets are important tools in stopping microbial growth in dental waterlines.

• Inhibits the growth of microbial contamination in dental unit waterlines
• Safe for both patient and equipment
• No effect on bond strength
• Colorless, tasteless and odorless

Waterline Maintenance Tablets
50/Pkg, 2 Liter Treatment (041-9192)

Waterline Maintenance Tablets
50/Pkg, 750 ml Treatment (041-9184)

Top Products

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