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Featured Product

Optibond Premium Information

Screenshot of KaVo Kerr OptiBond eXTRa Universal

Gain access to valuable insight on how OptiBond™ eXTRa Universal from KaVo Kerr provides superior adhesion on tooth structure and resin material.

  • KaVo Kerr’s latest two-component universal light-curing adhesive
  • Adheres to all composites
  • Self-Etch, Selective Etch and Total Etch techniques

New Products

Sideview of Visa Dental Product's Phasor Photon-Induced Composite Heater

Screenshot of Solutionreach Enterprise dental patient engagement software

Kulzer HiLite power 3D Printer

  • First-of-its-kind composite warming system
  • Uses near-infrared technology to rapidly warm highly filled composite compules
  • Maintains temperature throughout procedure while remaining cool to the touch
  • The preferred software solution for multi-location practices
  • Reduce no-shows, increase patient visits and improve patient satisfaction
  • Includes Spanish language content
  • Offers enterprise online patient access
  • Ideal for pre- and final polymerization of light-curing materials
  • Wide light spectrum with user-friendly design
  • Reliable and strong flashlamp for efficient heat management
  • Short polymerization times with 6 options

Sideview of the Ivoclar Vivadent Bluephase G4 LED Curing Light

Take 1 Retraction Paste

Tuttnauer Elara 11

  • Exclusive to Patterson
  • Intelligent LED curing light with Polyvision™ Technology
  • Dynamically adjusts curing time to account for technician movement
  • Cures all dental materials on the market today
  • Versatile solution offering a great value
  • More control; less wasteful
  • Promotes moisture control and hemostasis
  • Delivers quick and easy tissue displacement to enhance or replace a cord technique
  • Prefilled Unidose capsule compatible with standard composite gun
  • Reliable and robust Class B sterilizer
  • 11" chamber size with a sleek EZGlide door
  • Bright EZView multi-color display for easy reading and real-time cycle information
  • Designed to meet the latest safety and sterilization standards