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Premier Implant Cement Plus is the ultimate, easy-to-use solution for a long-lasting hold.

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Anutra Buffering Delivery System Special Starter Kit

BLACKWORK Black Chloroprene Exam Gloves packaging

• Allows dental professionals to buffer lidocaine chairside

• System precisely mixes lidocaine in a 50 ml vial

• Affords softer, more comfortable fit

• Features improved wet/dry grip

• No risk of latex allergens

• Delivers reliable diagnostics thanks to CsI sensor technology

• Includes a wide range of offerings only possible with digital imaging

• Provides comprehensive diagnostics with a motorized collimator

• Patented non-toxic, non-irritating adhesive allows for better repositioning

• Impervious to liquid and twice the size of ordinary bibs

• Contoured neck covers offer superior collar and shoulder coverage

• Blocks amalgam from dental equipment, vacuum lines and secondary filters

• Per patient recycling feature offers more effective tracking and billing

• Includes recycle service and shipping container