Get patient benefits information instantly

Enjoy more time and fewer entry errors with Eaglesoft's eRA service. As an electronic form of an Explination of Benefits (EOB), eRAs let you know in advance the claims that have been paid and in what amount. Automatically populate check numbers, EFT numbers and insurance payment information to reduce processing time and increase payment accuracy. Save and/or print eRAs for future referencing. eRA service from Eaglesoft is a smart investment. 

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Eaglesoft offers a comprehensive line of eServices. Learn more about our Revenue Cycle Management tools:  

  • Claim payment information populates automatically – reducing processing time and increasing payment accuracy 
  • eRAs can be printed and/or saved to the patient’s account for future reference 
  • Know in advance claim payment information

Unlimited Usage: $30/month 


Participate in both Eligibility and eRA and receive both services at a bundled rate of $40/month for unlimited usage.