Revenue Cycle Management Software

Eaglesoft enhances productivity with time-saving tools

Help your team focus on your top priorities and run your practice’s day-to-day operations more efficiently with the right software solutions throughout the revenue cycle.

Discover the convenience of automated statement generation, prescription services, credit card integration and automated basic insurance functions.

We’ll partner with you to identify your needs and use our comprehensive Patterson Revolve software portfolio to meet them.


Quickly create and customize billing statements

You can use eStatements to create, edit and personalize professional billing statements, and arrange to have them printed, stuffed and mailed to your patients.
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Credit Cards

Easily set up credit card processing

Accelerate your workflow by processing credit card payments from within Eaglesoft, eliminating the need for a third-party payment application.
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Arrange prescriptions electronically

Securely submit electronic prescriptions to pharmacies for both controlled and non-controlled substances.
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Submit insurance claims electronically and get payments faster

Track activity, reduce rejections

Experience a user-friendly online portal that puts you in control of eClaim submissions. Using Eaglsoft eClaims, you can find out in seconds what will be paid and reduce rejections.

The best part? You save 88 cents per claim on average.
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See how eClaims can alleviate the burden of insurance submittal


Process claims more quickly and eliminate lost attachments

Using Eaglesoft eAttachments, you can send electronic attachments securely, including EOBs, X-rays (no duplicates) and perio charts.
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Reduce processing time and increase your payment accuracy

Get claim payment information up front. Receive your electronic explanation of benefits (EOBs) for processing insurance claim payments electronically. Eaglesoft Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) makes processing faster than ever once funds are received.

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Real-time Eligibility

Check on patient benefits

Instantly review patient benefits from within Eaglesoft. Replace the need for lengthy phone calls to insurance companies – and increase treatment plan acceptance.

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